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Florida 2022

We had a very nice time on this caravan. We appreciated Julie and Mike’s efforts to make everything flow smoothly and enjoyed all the adventures they set up. We appreciated the many ways they helped the group feel like family! A big thank you, Julie and Mike!!!!
- Ron & Jane Kill

Love My Florida

My goal was to see and learn more about the wonderful state where I live. That is what I got on this RV Caravan tour.
- KC

Florida caravan

What a truly delightful trip, with wonderful stops along the way. Mike and Julie were true leaders and friends.
- Betty Burken

Paradise in Florida

We were first time caravaners and are now seasoned pros. This taught us how to rv. Drive an hour and see everything you can before moving on. We will definitely do it again! Our wagon masters and tail gunners were excellent at keeping us all happy. We had a wonderful time and will go again. They gave us ownership of “It is what it is” :~)
- Barbara Harrington

2022 FL caravan

Mike and Julie were great. They took good care of the group and made everyone feel like family. Don and Laura as Tail Gunners we’re awesome.
- Kathy Petrini

Florida 2022 caravan

Nice trip but need to update some of the camping facilities. You could take out Miami and add days to the Keys.
- Nancy C Greene