Why Us

Experience MORE, Do MORE on a Great American RV Caravan. Very unique adventures that journey throughout North America. We’ll guide you conveniently and safely to these astounding segments of our country. Let’s CRUISE ON LAND NOT WATER with an amazing group of RVing friends. You will travel on well organized and reasonably priced caravans that tour Spectacular Historical Sites, Monuments and Attractions. You will do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do and see things you wouldn’t normally see. Did we mention the FUN? We have LOTS OF FUN together along the way. No need to plan anything, we got this. This is what we do. Traveling on a Great American Caravan will give you the most out of every stretch of mile.

After 20 years in the office at Passport America and working in the RV industry, spending my time coordinating and conducting RV caravans was a no-brainer. When you travel on a Great American Caravan you will know the difference. We understand that these tours are once in a lifetime experiences and that’s why we will work as hard as it takes to make sure you get what you deserve. We’re doing something special here and I want to invite you to try a Great American Caravan and see for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you,

Ryan Simmons

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