Charlotte Motor Speedway Finish


MAY 30 – JUNE 11, 2022
Two Person 1 RV $4100/ One Person 1RV $2800
Additional Guest $1800

Take delight in this Extra Ordinary RV VACATION Getaway for Everyone! We organized a blast with a FUN FILLED RV Excursion that starts in the Music City and travels through the finish-line at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Wow… You won’t be hanging around in the RV Parks wondering what to do and where to go. We’ll use the RV’s for sleep because everyday will be a new adventure. We’ll be at the Grand Ole Opry one day and then on a Civil War Battleground the next. You will be in a Cave one day and the next day you’ll be in a Magnificent Castle. We are going to have Pancakes and then go find the Lost Sea. We are going to ride a train up a mountain and then go see a Rock City. We will have FUN at a Dinner Show and a Comedy Show. You will Hop On A Bus and Tour Nashville TN, The Smoky Mountains, and Charlotte NC. By the way the Buses are a part of the fun… If you have not been to the places we’re going then Go On This Trip! If you have, then Try It With A Bunch Of Friends and see how you like it. Experience MORE, Do MORE on this unsurpassed and very unique RV adventure. CRUISE ON LAND with an amazing group of RVing people. We’ll Guide you on this well organized RV Caravan that visits Spectacular Historical Sites, Monuments and Attractions. The Price is Right for this All Inclusive Tour that Includes: All Camping Fees, Many Meals, Breakfast Mornings, Get-Togethers, All Shows and Entertainment, All Ticket Admissions, All Bus Tours, Professional Caravan Staff, All Gratuities, Routes, Hour-by-Hour Itinerary Guide, and Much More in Below Itinerary! + Fun! Fun! Fun!

  • Guided Bus Tour Nashville / Franklin
  • Carter House / Lotz House / Carnton Plantation / Civil War Battleground
  • Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
  • Tour Historic Ryman Auditorium
  • Dinner at Mission BBQ
  • World Famous Grand Ole Opry Show
  • Bus Charter to Attractions
  • Donuts and Coffee
  • Incline Railway Ride
  • Lookout Mountain and Point Park
  • Bus Charter to Attractions
  • Battles For Chattanooga Museum (Laser Show & Movie of the Battle)
  • Ruby Falls / Lunch at Ruby Falls
  • Explore The Lost Sea Adventure (Boat Ride beneath the earth)
  • In route to Pigeon Forge (Distance 68 Miles)
  • Evening Catered Dinner in Pigeon Forge at RV Resort
  • Comedy Barn (8PM)
  • Bus Charter to Shows
  • Crispy Cream Donuts & Coffee
  • Hatfield & McCoy Family Dinner Feud Aventure Show! / Comedy Barn
  • Rocky Top Bus Tour (Smoky Mountains)
  • FREE DAY (Explore the Area. No shortage of things to do listed in itinerary)
  • Catered Dinner and Entertainment
  • Audio Tour of Biltmore Estate (Also visit Gardens)
  • Lunch at Biltmore Estate
  • Visit Biltmore Village and Winery (Wine Tasting)
  • Tour Dairy Barn and Farmyard
  • Club House Meeting and Get-together
  • Staying at Camping World Racing Resort
  • Charter Bus Tour (Touring Charlotte)
  • Billy Graham Library and Memorial
  • Lunch at Billy Graham Library
  • Nascar Hall of Fame (Plus Fun interactive Competitive Racing)
  • Tour Motor Speedway (In Concord, NC)

Customer’s Review

Elkhart Rally

After reading other reviews it is obvious you don't post negative reviews but you will have to at least read this. This was our first Rally and to say it was a disappointment pretty much describes it. About all it amounted to was fair to middling food and one very expensive visit to a local flea market. Oh, I forgot the entertainment which was at least entertaining but certainly not over the top. The event seemed poorly organized and if not for the volunteers, would have not had any organization. It certainly isn't something we plan on attending a second time with Passport America.
- Jeth and John

Fantastic Rocky Mountain Caravan

Just finished the Great Rocky trip, my first caravan...what a great experience. we did so much more than I would have done on my own. It was very well organized and all the activities and tours really added a sense of adventure to our experience, what fun. Ryan, Jim and Vera you did a first class job. Can't wait til the next one. Ken Meholic and Paula Kohler, Orlando, Fl
- Ken Meholic

Great American Caravan

My wife and I took this caravan to learn what they were. Since we are photographers, and had taken a trip with Natural Habitat, we hoped this trip would be a similar experience: but were somewhat disappointed. After starting the trip, we found that we went from tourist trap to tourist trap, but with an active social life. As such, we were sorely disappointed. We found that, even though we visited many interesting places, the chance to do the type of photography we do was impossible to do due to rapid buss movements, dirty windows, questionable maintenance, reflections and large crowds: also, that the buying of souvenirs was the primary objective of the caravan as opposed to any emphasis on photography above the use of a cell phone camera was non-existent. The educational aspect was limited to telling you what to look for (which was necessary since we were usually moving at a rapid rate) with only a chance of a snapshot which, if increased in size became blurred beyond recognition. The one exception to this was our stop at Yellowstone National Park when the Wagon master gave a very good talk about the park and its origins while on the way to the Park. One thing we found disconcerting was the fact that no information presented to us prior to the trip mentioned ride-sharing. Had we had this information we might have decided not to make the trip due to our dependence on others. This is not to say ride-sharing is bad, but to acquaint the client of its existence and the success and necessity of it while making people with “toads” aware of its existence and let them know of the company’s expectation. My wife and I took this trip with the realization that our expectations for photography may not be met. We felt that the education acquired on the caravan would be worth the cost if we had an active participation in the process. Our realizations were met as we met some extremely nice people on this trip which will be friends for the rest of our lives. The people that we rideshared with (Jim and Janice Ballenger due to the gracious way they treated us, Kathleen Williams for her stories and 2 traveling companions Dude and amazing Grace, Joe and Shirley Krebs, it’s always wonderful to run into another Submarine sailor). The people on this caravan were always pleasant and a fun group to be involved with. We would like to offer some suggestions for future caravans: 1. Let the clients know about ride-share before they submit their deposit for the Caravan. 2. Since the Wagon master and Tail gunner are required to use big Riggs, investigate having their “toads” being 15 passenger vans. 3. Put less emphasis on selling “Lifetime Memberships”. It made us feel that: unless we purchased one, it would be a waste of time for us to be on this caravan. That feeling became less toward the end of the caravan but remained with us for the first part of the trip. 4. Give the Wagon masters and tail gunners information to be put out about each stop so the client knows what to look for and has a base of information so they may obtain more information for themselves. Summary: Since we had reservations about the type of caravan this was not a disappointment to us. We had a good time and met some very lovely people. We are not the type of people that go to tourist places just to buy souvenirs, but to get a feel of the area and learn some about the people. This is almost an impossible job for a caravan of this nature (Free Form). Jim and Vera (Wagon masters) and Ronnie and Mary (Tail gunners) did an extremely creditable job of taking care of everyone and ensuring that everyone had a good time. The scheduling, meal preparation and coordination of activities is a gargantuan task which was carried off superbly-- WELL DONE fellow travelers WE APPRECIATE ALL YOUR EFFORTS.
- Richard Deyoe