Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we are pet friendly. Standard RV park rule is to keep them on a leash and clean up after them. Some parks have restrictions on fenced pens for your pet. Pet owners will usually walk their dogs prior to leaving on a tour and immediately after returning.

Are the RV parks big rig friendly?

Yes. You’ll provide us with the size and type of RV and accommodations will be made for the specifications you give us.

Can you make recurring payments on a trip?

Yes. Upon signing up and paying the initial deposit we will email you a payment due amount. Reply and let us know you want recurring payments and we’ll get that set up for you.

Do I need a vehicle or tow?

A vehicle is not required but highly recommended for total freedom. You might want to drive to the store or visit places not on the agenda. Periodically we will conduct a Ride-Share to explore curtain places. Some of the National Parks we visit do not permit large tour buses. Occasionally after a day of touring we’ll Ride-Share to a nearby dinner show or activity.

Do the campgrounds have WiFi?

Yes. However we find not always reliable. Some of the parks have stronger signals near the office. The WiFi will be good at most of the parks but we can’t be sure you will always have a strong signal.

Do the tour buses have bathrooms?


Do we all travel together in a convoy?

Wagonmaster is usually the first out the park. The caravan group will be directed every 3 units by tailgunner in time increments to follow behind. Travel at your own leisure to the next destination. Some will drive straight there and others will stop for fuel or to visit places along the way. Tailgunner will be the last out the park. The average travel distance is 150-200 miles.

Do you have a waiting list for trips that are full?

Yes. Contact us through the website and we will put you on the waiting list in order by date we receive the request. We’ll reply letting you know where you are on the list.

Do you provide routes and itinerary?

Yes. Upon arriving at orientation we will provide you with Routes, Hour-by-Hour Itinerary Booklet, Name Badge, and other Goodies.  We have brief meetings the day before each travel day to inform you on what to expect ahead. “We take good care of our people”

How do I reserve a trip?

$500 deposit will lock your trip in and it is 100% refundable up until 60 days prior to the trip. Upon paying deposit you will receive a payment link to make periodic payments or pay in full.

How many miles do we drive on a travel day?

We average 200 miles or less when traveling to the next destination.

How many RV’s will be in the caravan group?

Only up to 24 units. Some of our trips fill up quickly so we recommend securing your spot with a deposit early.

Other than my own RV insurance do I need additional coverage?

Road Side Assistance coverage is not required but recommended. There are also medical assist policies from companies like GoodSam or Skymed. These type of policies are always nice to have while traveling and provide additional piece of mind while on the road.

What do I receive when I sign up for a caravan?

You will automatically be emailed a receipt followed by a second email from the Wagonmaster with starting point information and other specific details of the trip.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations 60 days prior to the start of the Caravan will get 100% of the $500 deposit back. Any amounts paid above the deposit will be subject to a 3% charge. Total trip balance is due 60 days prior to the start date of the caravan. Cancellations between 60 days and 30 days prior to the start of the caravan will be refunded all monies except $500. Cancellations 4 weeks prior to the caravan will receive all monies except $1000. (if within 4 weeks you will receive a $500 voucher towards any future trip)

What if we breakdown?

Tailgunner will work beside you to determine the problem and finding the nearest service place or until assistance arrives. The protocol is to get you caught up to the group as soon as possible. You won’t be alone no matter how big or small the problem is. If you are unable to continue forward with the caravan group a voucher of monies less any non-refundable expenses incurred by Great American Caravan on your behalf. The voucher amount will be determined within 30 days after the end of the caravan.

What kind of RV’s go on the caravans?

We get Fifth Wheels, Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, and Truck Campers of all sizes.