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Tennessee Trailblazer

Our first trip but hopefully not our last! Ryan, Mike and Julie did an amazing job and went above and beyond to make sure we all enjoyed our trip.
- Tom and Patty Springer

Rocky Mountain Caravan

This was our third time doing this caravan and it still held surprises. We had such a great group of travelers, it made the trip special. Looking forward to the NOLA Mega rally and Florida next spring. Thanks to Vera, Jim, Vicki and Richard for all of your hard work. I did miss having Ryan along!
- Nance Ruebsamen

Fort Walton

Location was good. Food was good. We really enjoyed meeting people from all over. RV School was EXCELLENT! Jeff really taught us a lot. There were several things that could have been improved: 1. The seminars overlapped the other activities. 2. The seminars were only offered once, so if you missed it, you couldn't make it up. 3. We enjoyed Brent Burns, but the other entertainment sucked! This is the Woodstock generation! The jam sessions were better than the other music, by a long shot! 4. Bingo should have been at a scheduled time. We heard multiple people complaining during the entertainment that they wanted to play Bingo, not listen to music. 5. We took the option of arriving early, and we left on Saturday. All the seminars and activities seemed to be jammed into Wednesday and Thursday, with only 1 on Friday morning. Everyone left after that, and there was nothing else to do except eat ice cream at 2:30. 6. We stayed until 11:30 on Saturday to get our RV weighed There were only 5 people left by this time! No one told Jeff that everyone had be gone by 10:00 or be charged an additional day. 7. There were very few vendors. We were interested in Wi-Fi, and safety products for the RV which weren't offered. All in all, this could have been much better. Especially for the cost! We could have stayed on the beach for less money, and enjoyed more activities. We realize how difficult it can be to organize events, and work with volunteers. We were with the Cub Scouts for many years, participated in 3 day camps and Laura was Camp Master for 1 day camp. Try organizing events for 5 full days, with meals for 600 kids! (and grumpy parents!) We appreciate the effort that went into this Rally. It didn't meet our needs. The average age for this group looked to be around 70, and we're in our 50s.
- Chris and Laura Morgan

NOLA mega rally

This was our first Rally and we weren't disappointed. From the time we checked in to the time we left. The tours and guides were amazing, the food was absolutely delicious and our rally masters Mike and Julie were the best. The campgound was very nice and accommodating. Planning another one in the future!!!
- Todd and Becky Thomas

Great Rockies Exploration - 2020

Everyday was a new experience on this Caravan. We wanted to compliment (Vera & Jim) for having the experience & “knack” or gift; on knowing how to turn every negative problem into a Positive Opportunity. Thank you, R&V,
- Richard & Vicki Harrison

Rockies Caravan 2021

We couldn't have made a better choice for our first caravan. The whole trip was expertly choreographed with a perfect mix of planned tours/activities and free time to explore on our own. Richard and Vicki were excellent as our Wagonmasters. They kept us very well informed and did whatever it took behind the scenes to make each day go smoothly. Don and Laura always had our backs as the Tailgunners. They excelled at making people feel welcome and included. We saw so many incredible sights and met so many interesting people. Can't wait until our next caravan.
- Linda MacLeod

Branson Rally

This was our first rally and w had a blast!! It was we’ll planned from the fabulous campground to the shows and transportation. Fun to meet people from all over the States that enjoy RV’ing. Mike and Julie were great wagon masters. Kristina and Michele did a superb job.
- Carol Sheehan

Rocky Mts Exploration

The journey met and surpassed all expectations! Staff of Ryan, Vera & Jim went out of their way to serve and surprise the group. Every day had an adventure that we never would have found on our own.
- Ken & JoAnn

Mississippi River Dash

This trip was everything we anticipated and way more!!! What a great trip seeing the culture along the Mississippi. We had a wonderful time and met wonderful people. Had to leave a couple stops early to be with family, but enjoyed every minute. Thank you Jim and Vera for your great leadership and patience and Doug and Deana for being our Tail Gunners. Awesome trip!!!
- Von and Karen Edge

Great Rocky Mountain Exploration trip

Well planned and friendly people made for a wonderful caravan experience. Visited many places that I wanted to and the ones I had no interest in they didn't push me into doing. Instead went off on my own and found something that I wanted to do. Ryan, Vera and Jim were fantastic. I highly recommend them for any Exploration that they put on. Thanks again guys, for the wonderful memories. Jim Walton
- James Walton

Branson week October 2022

Had a great week in Branson. America’s Best Campground was a great place to stay. The staff was fantastic and always very helpful. We even had one of the residents help with taking care of our dog. Katie was a god send to allow us to enjoy all the activities. Mike and Julie were amazing leaders. It was our first trip. We will be making more. We enjoyed it so much.
- Ron Pasdon

Mega rally in Tally

Great games, vendors, meals, and entertainment. Everyone bends over backawards to make sure you are having a good time. Well worth every penny, looking forward to the next rally
- Jerry & Janice Bonneau

Rocky Mountain caravan

This was our first trip with Passport American and we really enjoyed it. Ryan, Vera and Jim were the best. We met some good friends and everyone helped each other when needed. Great trip to the Rockies. Looking forward to seeing you again
- Ron & Cathy Beal

Ft Walton Rally

Don't change a thing. Your rallies are best, food, games, bingo, and all friends we made. Especially Amy and Ryan. Love you guys a bunch.
- Brenda Wall

Life Time Member - FWB Rally

The entertainment, food, and give aways were excellent.
- Joe Young

new orleans rally 2019

first pastport rally, had a great time. SO MUCH FOOD. Vera is such a great organizer, perfect for the job. each tour was so awesome. can't wait for the Fl. caravan
- jim jean hart

Great Rocky Mountain Caravan 2021

This was our first caravan and we completely enjoyed the experience. Richard and Vicki, the Wagonmasters, and Don and Laura, the Tailgunners, were a pleasure to work with. We were always informed about the next days activities. We met some fantastic friendly people in the caravan. Everyone was willing to help anyone who had a problem. Thanks, Ryan, for a very enjoyable esperience.
- Robert and Laura Mellor

Love My Florida

My goal was to see and learn more about the wonderful state where I live. That is what I got on this RV Caravan tour.
- KC

Great Rocky Mountain Exploration

Great trip lot of fun new friends great food lot of places never been , Vera and Jim are great trail gunners , Ryan a great WagonMaster great bus tours . If you get a chance take a caravan you don’t know what you are missing
- Barry and Darlene von Thun

Rocky Mountain Twist 2018

Just completed the Rocky Mountain Caravan 2018 gave us a complete view of the Rockies we couldn't ever have gotten on our own with a great group of new people
- Mike and Linda Gaudaen

2020Great Rocky Mountain caravan

This was our 1st caravan after attending 2 rallies. It was fantastic! Jim and Vera did a wonderful job keeping everything and everybody organized. They were flexable and thought outside the box working around unexpected situtations caused be the virus situtation. Because we were on this caravan we experienced places and events we would not have if we did this trip on our own. We are soooo looking forward to the Alaska caravan next year.
- Carl & Karen Chapman

Rocky Mtn trip

What a wonderful trip!!! Got better each day. Great people. Wonderful new friends. Mike and Julie did an outstanding job leading the trip. Howard and Kathleen were great tail gunners
- Larry Tipton

Branson 2021 Rally

This was my first trip/rally with Great American Caravans. Mike & Julie were GREAT! I had so much fun & enjoyed meeting everyone! I loved Mike’s show. Winston thanks everyone for the acceptance & attention he received, — Woof Woof.
- Patti Gleim & Winston

NOLA Big Easy Rally

While this was our first Rally with Passport America, it was the best one I've been to and was fantastic. Ryan was superb and the Staff was thorough. From location selection, to event pick, to scheduling, to food kind, quality and quality, through entertainment, all was great. We look forward to a Caravan next year and another Rally in the near future. These guys know how to have fun!
- Ada & Dan Frownfelter

Fantastic Rocky Mountain Caravan

Just finished the Great Rocky trip, my first caravan...what a great experience. we did so much more than I would have done on my own. It was very well organized and all the activities and tours really added a sense of adventure to our experience, what fun. Ryan, Jim and Vera you did a first class job. Can't wait til the next one. Ken Meholic and Paula Kohler, Orlando, Fl
- Ken Meholic

4 caravans so far!!

And we are signed up for 3 more. We meet so many fun, caring people and it is good to know the staff and our new friends always have your back. Ryan is amazingly fun to travel with and our tail gunners Vera and Jim keep everything running smoothly. We go places we would never go by ourselves and it is all planned for us. Next is the Tallahassee Rally and on to the Florida caravan. Can't wait!!
- Nance and Doug

Rocky Mtn trip

What a wonderful trip!!! Great group of people. Each day got better and better. Julie and Mike did a great job leading the trip. Howard and Kathleen did a great job.
- Larry Tipton

Southwest core caravan 2021

My second caravan with this group. Went to places I would have never gone by myself. Vera and Jim did a wonderful job of keeping us informed and entertained during our 30 days together. Our tail gunners Doug and Deana were helpful with my issues that occurred during the trip. Thank you all.
- Chriss Sorenson

FWB Rally

First one, had a great time and met a lot of campers. Food and entertainment was very good.
- Ed and Helen Tytke

Great Trip with great people

This was my first caravan and it was a great one. That said, I was in a 25-Class C with 30-amp service. Trip was originally set for 2019 but Covid delayed it since Canada was not open until this year. That meant no American caravans, so everybody (campgrounds and caravanners) were still getting back into the swing of things. Wagonmasters Richard & Vickie were very good hosts. While, in a perfect world, it would have been nice to have had people more familiar with all the spots and activities, they did well. One needs to keep in mind that a few hiccups are to be expected on a 6,000 mile 52-day trip through 3 provinces and our huge 49-th state. The two worked hard, at one point scrambling when a major highway closed for several days causing a pause in the schedule. They rescheduled things, found us lodging and got us back on schedule.People need to remember that phone and internet service can be a lacking or intermittent at time in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Bottom line, i received good value for my money and should I participate in a caravan in the future, I'd be happy to participate in a Great American Caravans led by Richard & Vickie.
- Marty Johnson

Ft. Walton Beach

We had a great time. Food was awesome. We enjoy this rally because you get to visit with a lot of different folks. Everyone is so friendly. We get to be on first name with the exhibitors. Lots of games and fun. See you in Tennessee.
- Mary and Ronnie Bean


Great Florida rally and Florida caravan, South west caravan and three region caravan till slide on travel trailer broke had leave 3 weeks early, went back spent last 2 nights in cabin, thanks Ryan . See you in Colorado
- Barry &Darlene von Thun

Branson Rally 2021

This was our second rally and it was wonderful. Mike & Julie did a wonderful job keeping us informed on what was happening. Mike is a great entertainer. The evening was really fun. We look forward to joining them on another adventure. Keith & Betty
- Betty Thomas

Rocky Mountain/Black Hills

The trip was awesome. Mike and Julie did a wonderful job coordinating the adventures and meals. Love the trip.
- Kim Payne

Prodigious Florida Caravan

The wait at Cheddar Restaurant was way too long. Waited outside in the heat for about 45 minutes. We had too many free days where nothing was planned and the RV parks were in remote areas, with not too much to do. Driving directions (sometimes) to RV parks were not the easiest to understand or follow. I'm not talking about detours (which can't be helped) but the directions which were prepared by American Caravans. The date that the caravan ended was not clear, so we missed the last day in St. Augustine. It should have said on the itinerary something like "on this date we are breaking camp to head home", or something to that effect so it is crystal clear the date that the caravan is over. Other than these "glitches" the caravan lived up to expectations. Vera and Jim really went out of their way to attend to everyone's comfort. Vera, simply put, is a "workhorse". The tail-gunners did an outstanding job also. All of your staff were friendly. courteous and helpful. I had what I considered an emergency in my rig and Doug did an commendable repair job which took him 45 minutes to complete it. I was his "go-fer" and GLAD TO DO IT. If it wasn't for Doug I don't know what I would have done. All in all we were very pleased with the trip and that's why we signed up for the October Rally in Branson.
- George & Renee Bonafino

2020 Great Rocky Mountain Caravan

Better than Terrific!!! We saw and did things we never would have considered on our zip lining over the Grand Canyon!!! Wow - what a thrill:) We made new friends from all over the US who we hope to see again on future trips. All-in-all, it was very well organized and with Vera and Jim leading us it was definitely "A Trip of a Lifetime"! If you are considering it - JUST DO IT!!! you won't regret it.
- Steve & Dana Kuska

Great American Tour

What a wonderful & fantastic trip! We have been camping over 30 years and this was our first, but not our last, caravan. We signed up for two additional caravans, the Southwestern Core of America in 2020 and the Vast Alaskan Territorial Escapade in 2021. Wagon masters, Jim & Vera, did a marvelous job of making this a very memorable and positive experience for everyone! The tour stops were informative and very interesting, and the meals were great with plenty of food to eat.
- Doug & Deana Van Etten

Great American Caravan

Our trip to the Rocky mountains was great. Barbara and I have driven West several times across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. This was our first trip to the Rocky Mountains in the northern states. Both trips are worth making and very different experiences. This Passport America trip took us through the grandest most spectacular scenes we have seen. The planned activities from the trip up Pikes Peak on the cog railway to Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center were exciting and/or entertaining. The side trips we took on our own like Custer’s battle field and a drive on Bureau of Land Management land where we saw herds of wild horses are unforgettable. We even met a Bison up close and personal. He was walking toward us and when he passed our car I could have reached out my window and punched his nose. I didn’t. Actually, I didn’t even think about it, Bison are BIG. The caravan staff took good care of us. They stood in line and got our tickets, provided tips on places to go, helped with RV problems, and organized our tours. They did it very well too. Much thanks to them and to the many new friends we made during the 34 days our trip. It ended much to soon.
- Frank & Barbara McCollum

Great Rocky Mountain Caravan

This was our first caravan trip and it did not disappoint. Our Wagon Master's Jim & Vera made sure that we were all well informed concerning the itinerary and any changes needed along the way and our Tail Gunners, Ronnie & Mary did a great job following behind making sure we all made it to the next destination. The sites and destinations along the way were everything as advertised. We especially enjoyed all of the National Parks. The dinners and entertainment throughout the trip were just an added bonus. The highlight was meeting so many wonderful people who were a part of our trip and who we shared so many wonderful memories.
- Jim & Bonnie DePermentier


Thank you all for all the work, coordination, and patience you invested in the New Orleans Mega Rally. Your efforts were a complete success! We had a BLAST and enjoyed every minute.
- Billy and Lee Russell

NOLA Mega Rally

What a marvelous trip we had at the New Orleans Mega Rally with Passport America! The Rally was very well organized. It was great to have planning all done for us. Thanks to Ryan, Vera, & Jim for their considerable efforts that made it such an enjoyable trip.
- Sue n Bill Maxwell

Rocky mountain 2021

We can't say enough about our experience on this caravan. It was exceptional. Met many new friends and saw so much more than we thought possible. Looking forward to the next trip in April. Hope Richard and Vicki will be wagon masters
- Russ and Claire Grim

Great Rocky Mountain trip

WAGONMASTER, We want to thank you so much for an amazing journey. We totally enjoyed ourselves! It was a trip far beyond what we imagined. Thank you for doing all that you did to make this happen for us. Looking forward to traveling with you again.
- Dale & Lea Demaison / Rochester, NY

Passport Rally in Goshen

We had a great time at the rally in Goshen despite the weather & tornado warning! Ryan always does a great job organizing & preparing the meals! Good entertainment too!!
- Larry & Saundra Hirschfeld


Meant to give 5 stars, not 2. Would give 10 if it were possible. Entertainment was outstanding (especially enjoyed the impromptu jam session before Saturday night band). All the outings were well planned and perfectly executed! What a GREAT group of people!
- Billy and Lee Russell

2020 Trailblazer caravan

My first, but not my last caravan with this company. Totally enjoyed all the activities they put together for us. Did many things I would have never done by myself. They were accommodating to my physical limitations, always making sure I was doing well. Thank you Ryan and Vera for making this a wonderful trip for me.
- Chriss Sorenson

NOLA Megs Rally

The rally was great, food delicious and the tours were fantastic. Our first time with Pass Port America Great American Caravans but not our last. First class operation from beginning to end.
- Ron Proven & Leanne White

New Orleans Rally

This was our first but won’t be our last already signed up for another. This Rally was amazing great trip.Thanks for all your hard work Ryan , Vera, Jim . Randy & Marianne
- Randy Everts

'21 Southwest Caravan

6 *'s ... Have you ever looked at an itinerary and thought : What is that place / location ??? Why are we going THERE ?? SW is loaded with suprises ... Turquoise Museum was my first ( and best ) eye opener. I could spend a week there ....
- George Parker

FWB Rally

This was our first rally, We had a great time with All the activities, good food and great information. One of the best things was meeting all the great people. Thank you for the wonderful time.
- Eric Losey

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