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Life Time Member - FWB Rally

The entertainment, food, and give aways were excellent.
- Joe Young

Rocky Mountain caravan

This was our first trip with Passport American and we really enjoyed it. Ryan, Vera and Jim were the best. We met some good friends and everyone helped each other when needed. Great trip to the Rockies. Looking forward to seeing you again
- Ron & Cathy Beal

Rocky Mountain Twist 2018

Just completed the Rocky Mountain Caravan 2018 gave us a complete view of the Rockies we couldn't ever have gotten on our own with a great group of new people
- Mike and Linda Gaudaen

Mega Rally in the Big Easy

Amazing! This was our first rally and we enjoyed Everything! Tours, entertainment and food were awesome. Thank you Ryan, Vera and Jim.
- Al and Cece Ellis

Ft walton bch

Judy and I had a great time! Food and staff were wonderful
- Bob Handly


We had a great time. Good food & venue. We learned more about New Orleans. Thank you, Vera, Jim & Ryan for all you hard work, R&V.
- Richard & Vicki Harrison

Great Rocky exploration 2020

This was my second caravan with Jim and Vera! It was an absolutely lovely trip. Vera cooks the best meals ! The scenery and the other caravaners were amazing. We were one big family. I would love to go with them again! I would recommend going on a Great American Caravans which is thru Passport America! No membership required! The trips are very well planned! They were training new Tail gunners who were very good also!
- Vickie Herren

Great American Caravan

Our trip to the Rocky mountains was great. Barbara and I have driven West several times across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. This was our first trip to the Rocky Mountains in the northern states. Both trips are worth making and very different experiences. This Passport America trip took us through the grandest most spectacular scenes we have seen. The planned activities from the trip up Pikes Peak on the cog railway to Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center were exciting and/or entertaining. The side trips we took on our own like Custer’s battle field and a drive on Bureau of Land Management land where we saw herds of wild horses are unforgettable. We even met a Bison up close and personal. He was walking toward us and when he passed our car I could have reached out my window and punched his nose. I didn’t. Actually, I didn’t even think about it, Bison are BIG. The caravan staff took good care of us. They stood in line and got our tickets, provided tips on places to go, helped with RV problems, and organized our tours. They did it very well too. Much thanks to them and to the many new friends we made during the 34 days our trip. It ended much to soon.
- Frank & Barbara McCollum

Ft Walton Rally

Don't change a thing. Your rallies are best, food, games, bingo, and all friends we made. Especially Amy and Ryan. Love you guys a bunch.
- Brenda Wall

NOLA Megs Rally

The rally was great, food delicious and the tours were fantastic. Our first time with Pass Port America Great American Caravans but not our last. First class operation from beginning to end.
- Ron Proven & Leanne White

Rally in Tallahassee

Had a great time. Ryan is great. I love Vera and Jim. All the volunteers were wonderful. If you do a ralley, ask for Jeff. He gives amazing classes on "how to r.v."
- Doug

Rocky Mountain Caravan

Our first caravan and certainly will not be the last. Met a great group of people and saw more than we could have possibly imagined. Great job Ryan , Vera and Jim.
- Joe and Kathy Bergeron

Compliment ........ Goshen ........

Hi, Ryan...... Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated a very enjoyable rally at Goshen, and to thank you for the opportunity to volunteer a bit. You and the other volunteer/non-volunteer staff really made things a pleasure. Thanks.
- Frank Yake

Great time

As our first PA rally, we had a great time. The majority of the attendees are the “best”. The staff is always courteous and respectful. Terrific Association.
- Schelly

2020 Trailblazer caravan

My first, but not my last caravan with this company. Totally enjoyed all the activities they put together for us. Did many things I would have never done by myself. They were accommodating to my physical limitations, always making sure I was doing well. Thank you Ryan and Vera for making this a wonderful trip for me.
- Chriss Sorenson

Big easy rally

Had a great time. Well organized. Great group of people. Hope to enjoy another trip in the future.
- Linda and Nancy

Three Region RV Caravan

Great trip met new friends had lot of fun , U - turn Ryan was great Wagon Master , Trail Gunners Vera And Jim we’re lot of fun , Looking for ward to Colorado
- Barry

Elkhart Rally

After reading other reviews it is obvious you don't post negative reviews but you will have to at least read this. This was our first Rally and to say it was a disappointment pretty much describes it. About all it amounted to was fair to middling food and one very expensive visit to a local flea market. Oh, I forgot the entertainment which was at least entertaining but certainly not over the top. The event seemed poorly organized and if not for the volunteers, would have not had any organization. It certainly isn't something we plan on attending a second time with Passport America.
- Jeth and John


Great Florida rally and Florida caravan, South west caravan and three region caravan till slide on travel trailer broke had leave 3 weeks early, went back spent last 2 nights in cabin, thanks Ryan . See you in Colorado
- Barry &Darlene von Thun

Ft. Walton Beach Rally

Our first Passport America Rally, but won't be our last. We really enjoyed ourselves. We met some super folks, shared good food and great entertainment.
- Dave & Katie Bast

Big Easy Mega Rally

Fantastic as usual! Even when one of the buses was damaged and couldn't get back to the campground everything was taken care of in a smooth professional manner. Looking forward to the next rally!
- Jerry & Janice Bonneau

Great Rocky Mountain Exploration

This was our first ever trip like this and we had no idea what to expect, but it was wonderful. Everything was planned and organized. We saw more than we would have on our own and we even had free days to explore other things of interest. There was social time just about every night so we were able to get to know the others in the caravan and we made lifelong friends. Our Wagonmasters, Jim and Vera, were the best. Could not have asked for a more organized couple to lead us. This was a great experience that we will look back at with much happiness and can’t wait for our next one. Thank You to all involved in the planning and organizing.
- Jim and Jan Ballenger

Mega Rally - Big Easy

The Rally was very well organized and the tour choices were teriffic. The whole rally was very good as everything was planned and done for us....even the dining. Good Job Passport Staff (Ryan, Vera and Jim)
- Anita and Lee LaGrelius

Mega rally New Orleans

- Bob & Ginny Miller


Had such a wonderful time on the Caravan. We would recommend it to anyone interested in having someone else plan your trip and take away a lot of the stress of travel. Well planned and very organized. Jim and Vera were wonderful leaders and always friendly and helpful. We didn't think we would do another, but after we got home, we had such great memories we signed up for another Caravan.
- Von and Karen Edge

Prodigious Florida Caravan

This was my first caravan and can't say anything negative. Vera, Jim, Deana and Doug were more than helpful ensuring everyone had a great time. The places we went were not only interesting but very enlightening. Now on to the next one.
- Marjorie Barnes

New Orleans Rally

Terrific week, excellent touring. Plantations, swamp boat ride, Mardi Gras World, WWII Museum, Paddlewheel steamboat, etc were most enjoyable, along with fine dining and rousing entertainment. Thanks to all Staff!
- Ken Blair & JoAnn Gratt

2020 Great Rocky Mountain Caravan

Better than Terrific!!! We saw and did things we never would have considered on our zip lining over the Grand Canyon!!! Wow - what a thrill:) We made new friends from all over the US who we hope to see again on future trips. All-in-all, it was very well organized and with Vera and Jim leading us it was definitely "A Trip of a Lifetime"! If you are considering it - JUST DO IT!!! you won't regret it.
- Steve & Dana Kuska

NOLA Mega Rally

I have been on several Rallies in the past, from the first to this last rally in New Orleans. Ryan, I have seen it all and I must commend you on this rally. It surpassed my wildest dreams (all in a good way)! You outdid yourself with all the tours and meals. You had everything planned down to a science. You are lucky to have Vera and Jim, who are so organized it's scary. You do have one problem, though, now that you have done perfection, you have to keep it up. From what I've seen, you can do it! I can't wait to go on the Alaska Caravan in June. I know it will be just as good as New Orleans. Congratulations on a job well done.
- Kevin Tobias

Home Again MEGA Rally

This rally was held in Fort Walton Beach, Florida during February 2018. I believe that everyone that attended had a great time. The staff worked very hard throughout the entire rally to make it a very enjoyable and memorable event. We were pampered and spoiled the whole time. I look forward to the next one and recommend it highly to anyone who might be thinking about going.
- Ed Bradford

Great Rocky Mountain

Learned so much on my first caravan. Thanks Vera and Jim., Mary and Ronnie. Meet great ppl that will be friends forever!!
- Kathy

Great Rocky mountain caravan

I thoroughly enjoyed my first caravan. It was great to sit back and let someone else do all the planning and replacing when adjustments were needed. Experiencing the wide variety of scenery and experiences with new friends was an added bonus.
- Dennis Parker

Fantastic Rocky Mountain Caravan

Just finished the Great Rocky trip, my first caravan...what a great experience. we did so much more than I would have done on my own. It was very well organized and all the activities and tours really added a sense of adventure to our experience, what fun. Ryan, Jim and Vera you did a first class job. Can't wait til the next one. Ken Meholic and Paula Kohler, Orlando, Fl
- Ken Meholic

Ft Walton Beach Rally

John and I both really enjoyed the rally. The food was delicious, fellowship was great, entertainment was very good and the games were so much fun!
- Laura Jane Gray

Goshen Rally in Indiana

This was our first rally and we didn't know what to expect. Everybody was like family . Plenti to do ...Good food , great entertainment. We'll do it again when we retire.
- Michael A Szymanski Sr.

New Orleans Mega Rally

This was our first Rally and we really enjoyed the week. We know there was many hours of planning and work to put it together. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to the next event. Thanks again! Dale & Lea
- Dale & Lea

4 caravans so far!!

And we are signed up for 3 more. We meet so many fun, caring people and it is good to know the staff and our new friends always have your back. Ryan is amazingly fun to travel with and our tail gunners Vera and Jim keep everything running smoothly. We go places we would never go by ourselves and it is all planned for us. Next is the Tallahassee Rally and on to the Florida caravan. Can't wait!!
- Nance and Doug

Great Rocky Mountain Exploration

Great trip lot of fun new friends great food lot of places never been , Vera and Jim are great trail gunners , Ryan a great WagonMaster great bus tours . If you get a chance take a caravan you don’t know what you are missing
- Barry and Darlene von Thun

Great Rocky Mountian Caravan

We recently completed the Great Rocky Mountian Caravan and it was Fantastic. It was expertly planned and executed, from the routing, campgrounds, planned excursions, dinners, and social hours. The wagonmasters Jim and Vera were confirming reservations two days in advance so every move was seamless, they texted road conditions, location and cost of fuel at stops located on our routes and even downed an orange road vest at the campground entrance to lead us into the campground. Since we were a group of 40+ we had the best seats in the house for the shows or restaurants we visited. It was very comforting to know our tail gunners Ronnie and Mary were there if the need arose. I believe we saw more and did more than if we traveled on our own. The icing on the cake was our travel group, we had our own in house guitar playing singer to entertain us, fire starter, and fine oak scrap keeper. I recommend Passport America and as proof, we are signed up for another caravan next April. Joe & Shirley Krebs
- Joseph M Krebs

Awesome Mega Rally in NOLA

We had an awesome time in New Orleans. Great food, kept us busy and we had a GREAT TIME. The RV park staff was very accommodating which was also nice. Always a good time making new friends...thanks Ryan!!!
- Michael and Julie Madawi

Great Rocky Mountain Caravan

This was our first caravan trip and it did not disappoint. Our Wagon Master's Jim & Vera made sure that we were all well informed concerning the itinerary and any changes needed along the way and our Tail Gunners, Ronnie & Mary did a great job following behind making sure we all made it to the next destination. The sites and destinations along the way were everything as advertised. We especially enjoyed all of the National Parks. The dinners and entertainment throughout the trip were just an added bonus. The highlight was meeting so many wonderful people who were a part of our trip and who we shared so many wonderful memories.
- Jim & Bonnie DePermentier

Mega rally in Tally

Great games, vendors, meals, and entertainment. Everyone bends over backawards to make sure you are having a good time. Well worth every penny, looking forward to the next rally
- Jerry & Janice Bonneau

Mega Rally in New Orleans

What a fun filled busy week at New Orleans!! I could just relax as Ryan had everything planned out for each day. Bus tours and foods were great. The campground was really nice and all personnel there were so friendly- don't know how they found this RV park but they sure did good with it!!! Had the opportunity to visit with ol' friends from our Rocky Mt Caravan tour and made some new friends as well. Highly recommend any one, at any age, to go to the next Mega Rally here. Enjoyed by us all - Rick McHenry, Bonnie Thiele and Curtis Henderson
- Bonnie Thiele

NOLA Mega Rally

Outstanding rally, well organized, great tours, great food and wonderful time. Thanks Ryan for a wonderful time.
- Cindy Donovan

Great American Caravan - R&V

Forgot to click the 5-Stars. Definitely a Five Star Trip.
- Richard & Vicki Harrison

new orleans rally 2019

first pastport rally, had a great time. SO MUCH FOOD. Vera is such a great organizer, perfect for the job. each tour was so awesome. can't wait for the Fl. caravan
- jim jean hart

Great American Tour

What a wonderful & fantastic trip! We have been camping over 30 years and this was our first, but not our last, caravan. We signed up for two additional caravans, the Southwestern Core of America in 2020 and the Vast Alaskan Territorial Escapade in 2021. Wagon masters, Jim & Vera, did a marvelous job of making this a very memorable and positive experience for everyone! The tour stops were informative and very interesting, and the meals were great with plenty of food to eat.
- Doug & Deana Van Etten

Fort Walton

Location was good. Food was good. We really enjoyed meeting people from all over. RV School was EXCELLENT! Jeff really taught us a lot. There were several things that could have been improved: 1. The seminars overlapped the other activities. 2. The seminars were only offered once, so if you missed it, you couldn't make it up. 3. We enjoyed Brent Burns, but the other entertainment sucked! This is the Woodstock generation! The jam sessions were better than the other music, by a long shot! 4. Bingo should have been at a scheduled time. We heard multiple people complaining during the entertainment that they wanted to play Bingo, not listen to music. 5. We took the option of arriving early, and we left on Saturday. All the seminars and activities seemed to be jammed into Wednesday and Thursday, with only 1 on Friday morning. Everyone left after that, and there was nothing else to do except eat ice cream at 2:30. 6. We stayed until 11:30 on Saturday to get our RV weighed There were only 5 people left by this time! No one told Jeff that everyone had be gone by 10:00 or be charged an additional day. 7. There were very few vendors. We were interested in Wi-Fi, and safety products for the RV which weren't offered. All in all, this could have been much better. Especially for the cost! We could have stayed on the beach for less money, and enjoyed more activities. We realize how difficult it can be to organize events, and work with volunteers. We were with the Cub Scouts for many years, participated in 3 day camps and Laura was Camp Master for 1 day camp. Try organizing events for 5 full days, with meals for 600 kids! (and grumpy parents!) We appreciate the effort that went into this Rally. It didn't meet our needs. The average age for this group looked to be around 70, and we're in our 50s.
- Chris and Laura Morgan

New OrleansMega Rally

This was a great Mega Rally , I am so happy it was in my city The city of New Orleans It was a great time ,the weather was good, The food was great, the sites and sound were great too ,but the biggest think was there was a bunch of people from all over the United States, also what made it so great was Ryan and his lovely wife and my favorite couple Jim and Vera they do and excellent job as far as the people from Passport America I rate these people and A+ in my book I am looking so forward to the next one
- bruce A. montreuil

First Rally Attendees

We thought the Ft Walton Beach ‘Home Again’ Rally was well planned and well organized. All the staff and volunteers were willing to bend over backwards to meet every need. Good value so much so that we became Life Members during the Rally.
- Alvin & Patricia Fleming

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