What A Great Experience

Over the last four years, we (Vicki & I) have been traveling around most of the USA with Great American Caravans. We’ve been traveling with this group and really enjoyed the bonds created and the opportunity for new adventures.

There are many benefits of a group travel. The most important is the socialization. Sometimes, it can get pretty lonely out on the road. It’s nice to reconnect with friends and spend some time, really getting to know one another.

It’s also nice to have the added layer of security, that caravanning offers. Having a support group with knowledge and resources should anyone break down, get stuck . . . etc.

There is definitely strength in numbers and it can be an extra reassurance to fall asleep knowing friends are nearby. Its great to experience these new places together and helps remove some of the anxiety of traveling alone in unfamiliar areas.

Caravanning can be really fun. It opened us up to new experiences and adventures that we may not have had, if we were by ourselves. We went off-roading, explored caves, fascinating museums, potlucks and so much more.

Everything is taking care of, where they book all the campgrounds, make arrangements for food, bus tours, entertainment and more. The best part about this Caravan is that you can do things on your own terms and move in & out of social situations, as you please.

It can be bittersweet to say goodbye to new and old friends, but the open road has a way of bringing people back together again, and in the most unexpected places.

As we part our ways to continue on, after the Caravan, with our previous travel plans and routes; it’s hard to say goodbye. But, we’re excited to head back home for a visit with family & friends. Looking forward to meeting up again down the road.

I know this is a long story; but we have so much fun. Thanks again, Vicki & Richard.