What is it like to go on a caravan?

A big big thank you!


If you are reading this email, it’s because you have attended or registered for any one of our many Rallies or Caravans, and I wanted to give a Big “Thank You” for choosing Great American Caravans. My team and I will always work hard to meet and exceed your expectations upon your trusting of us to conduct these once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

I’m often asked “What is a caravan?” or “What is it like to go on a caravan?” Although there are many months of advanced planning, coordinating, and logistics for creating these caravans/large groups, that’s a given. The hard work that goes into conducting a caravan trip is not noticed by the person attending… My simple answer is: It’s best described as an All-Inclusive Trip of Adventurous RVers Traveling Together and Doing Fun Things as a Group. Now I know there is much more to it than that, but it does sum it up in a “nutshell.”

Due to the fact that these trips are pre-planned and conducted by a professional staff, you maximize your whole experience:

  • You’re doing and seeing more than you would on your own.
  • You’re learning intriguing facts about the areas we tour via exclusive tour guides for our groups.
  • You’re not sitting in your RV waiting and wondering what you’re going to do each day.
  • We’re always on the go on our adventures, though you won’t be overwhelmed as these trips are pre-planned to the last detail.
  • You’ll receive a detailed, hour-by-hour itinerary guide that enables you to relax and really enjoy each activity and the people around you. Having FUN is what we do and the Staff is there for You.

We make sure to take good care of our people, on and off the road. We have protocols in place for just about every situation that can arise, and our staff is there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We know we’ve done our job when at the end of a trip you feel like you have received more than your money’s worth, along with making life-changing friendships that last a lifetime.


If you wonder what people ask us the most, check out our FAQ PAGE on the website…

Ryan Simmons / WAGONMASTER